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Welcome to dsWiki. Please come in, register an ID, and then add some info for yourself and your fellow inhabitants of the world of Directory Services.

Startup FAQ

Why was this wiki built?

I found myself regularly looking for information concerning Active Directory and constantly wishing I had a single source I could go to get information and links to various Active Directory topics that included Microsoft as well as third party information. As we all know Microsoft is not known for providing all of the tools and information we may need so third party solutions are often critical to real life situations. This wiki is set up so experts on the various pieces of the technology can come here and share their information and links to other web sites and sources of information. The absolute best case scenario would be for this site to become one of the top, if not the top, site to come to to start searching for Active Directory answers.

Why "DS" Wiki?

So if you want it to be an Active Directory site why did you call it DS WIKI? That is because I don't want to limit people's thoughts to just Active Directory solutions. Active Directory is an LDAP directory which means solutions for many other LDAP directory implementations will work as well. In the real business world admins and developers use non-Microsoft and even non-Windows solutions to query, manage, and update Active Directory. I hope to see articles here about solutions from UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, mainframe, Novell, Apple, Java, PHP, and yes, I will even be ok with PowerShell and .NET articles. ;)

What about other technologies?

If you want to produce articles on Kerberos, GPO, DFS, Windows Security or anything else related to Active Directory you are absolutely welcome to do so. Please simply categorize things appropriately so people can find things as desired.


Please read the dsWiki Edit Policy for details on articles that are pure advertising.

Why is the main page an FAQ?

This is temporary, please bear with me. Once we get underway we will formalize this page and these questions will get pushed permanently to the dsWiki FAQ page.

Is there a QR Code or Microsoft Tag for this Wiki?

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Let's Get Started

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