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dsWiki is intended to be a collaboration site for any technologists who wish to share their information concerning Directory Services and related Directory Services tools, processes, etc. The initial technology focus is intended to be Microsoft Active Directory and Active Directory related technologies as the owner of the site (www.joeware.net) is a Microsoft MVP for Windows Server Directory Services. That being said, information for any other directory services and their related tools, processes, etc are also welcome because many environments out in the real world are not homogeneous Microsoft-only environments and this site was set up due to the fact that the documentation that Microsoft allows on their website's wiki / community sharing areas is Microsoft specific.


Adding Information to dsWiki

This wiki is to provide quality information to the unwashed masses of admins, engineers, developers, and anyone else looking for information on Directory Services. We welcome input from all corners of the internet. We want both wide information and deep information; provide what you know. Anything that any person was ever forced to learn for any reason is good for documenting here because someone somewhere else probably could use that information as well and who knows, maybe you will need it again later and forgot you already learned it.

Like Wikipedia, we expect to see that dsWiki will achieve accuracy due to the entire process being one that encourages self-checking and constant validation. Articles can be created quickly, but they can also be updated quickly. The mere presence of an interested community most of whom want accuracy helps drive accurate information and regular error correction.

Editing Requirements

After much discussion and reflection, it was decided that user logon is required for creating and/or editing pages. This decision may disappoint some people but it is for several reasons.

Reduce opportunity for vandalism
Recognition for those who have contributed
Possible future enticements/reward for top contributors

Copyrighted Information

No copy and paste from other sites other than links, etc. We do not want to have any copyright issues within this community. If the content is well written somewhere else, please feel free to insert links and pointers to that content or summarize and link, whatever makes sense. Just don't duplicate what someone else has written. Even if this Wiki becomes a site filled with links to other sources it is still adding great value to the community since there are very few locations that consolidate the links to the information that is spread all over the internet.

Copying Information

Please do not steal nor duplicate content from this wiki. Do not mirror this wiki. Link to this wiki as much as you can or want. The idea is to consolidate as much information as possible, not fork or fragment it.

Documentation of Security Exploits

Documentation of unpatched or unpatchable security exploits is strictly forbidden and will be removed when found. While that type of information is available outside of this Wiki, we do not want to be the one stop shopping location for people looking to hack various Directory Service Implementations and perhaps become liable for some person's improper or illegal actions.


We absolutely want to see products documented here, how they can be used, examples of solving problems, etc. However, we do not want blatant advertisement. There are no specific guidelines as to what is meant by this, we will all sort it out together as we move forward on this journey. If someone feels that a page or a section of a page only has value in advertising a given product or service, please start a discussion about it 'or' correct the article/section so that it has additional value. Note to vendors/companies, it is probably assumed that any technology area that you produce products for you are very likely experts in, it could probably go without saying then that the more content you provide about the overall technologies, the more likely you will be able to insert references to your products. I absolutely encourage documenting the technologies, how you would perform various tasks with native tools and how your product could instead be used and the benefits of doing so. Links to your websites and the product information would be great, email addresses to specific sales personnel or sales in general is not what we want here.

Work in Progress

This wiki is and always will be a work in progress. Perfection is not required, if you get something wrong, have faith that someone will come by later and correct it. Do not hesitate to add new pages or content even if you do not know authoritatively every aspect of the content you want to add. Someone who perhaps isn't good coming up with ideas to write about may come along later, see it, and start adding to or correcting the article.

Editing Hints

When editing or especially when creating a page, it may be useful to build out a "framework" or outline of sections you would like to speak to or like to see be spoken to. Then they or someone else can come back and populate those sections with information. Very few people (I am not one of them) have the ability to look at a blank page and then start writing top to bottom and share all that they are able to share about a topic.

Arbitration of Content and Policy

As owner and ultimately the person who has to deal with the fallout, I, joe, will be the final arbiter of whether any given content is appropriate and will be removed based on copyright, security, or other reasons. If any content is deemed to be against the policy stated above, please mark it and/or delete it and inform me so I can take any further precautions as necessary. I will also be final arbiter on whether or not a given user and/or IP address or range of IP addresses will be blocked from the Wiki due to any forms of abuse that exceed common sense.

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